• Green in a Box: Is It Worth It?

    Perhaps, like us, you feel pangs of guilt when you don’t religiously save energy and resources at home. But, hey, sometimes time and money trump your best intentions. You’re still a good person. Read

  • Attention, Lawmakers: Taxpayers Oppose Ditching Mortgage Interest Deduction

    Tax Day is behind us, but if some Washington policymakers get their way, so too might be many popular tax breaks, such as the mortgage interest deduction, which saves the itemizing American household about $3,000 per year. Several budget plans and proposals to reduce the federal budget deficit include eliminating or dramatically curbing the MID. Read

  • A $3 Tip to Stop Squabbles About Water Usage

    Confession time: my husband, Mason, and I have been known to squabble over the kitchen faucet. He likes to leave it running while he cleans up, while I fret about wasting water. Read

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