Pru Performers is about being productive! It builds & establishes the mindset of analyzing every opportunity to generate business.
- Brent Banks

I want to tell you that I am now listing my third house in the last two weeks and it's because you placed me back on the road. Even us old timers need a boost, thank you for all your help.
- Paulette Bayer

I have committed to building my client base. Pru Performers helped me realize that very person I know is a potential client! I am looking forward to the best year ever in real estate!
- Brenda Shaw

I really enjoyed this 6 week business booster! It encouraged me to max out my potential and document everything. The documentation is what I was not used to doing and it makes a HUGE difference. If I didn’t have numbers I was only active and NOT productive! Production produces profit$$$. Thanks for your enthusiasm and motivation! 2010 will be an awesome year no matter what the media says!
- Sandy Johnson

I would recommend that anyone no matter how long they have been an agent to jump at the next available opportunity to join Pru Performers. I believe it will so infuse your business with energy and fresh ideas that you will be so thankful you took the time to invest in your business and yourself.
- Brent Sullenberger

Just do it! Only take 21 days to make a new habit, and Pru Performers helps create new winning habits!
- Joy McGraw

I would recommend this program to any new agent who needs to learn ways to generate business and to experienced agents that just need a jump start of motivation to get back on the track of making money. DeAnn has such a great way about her that makes it easy to learn and participate.
- Lisa Byer